Getting pulled over and charged with a DUI can be devastating. It can be an emotionally exhausting experience. If you were pulled over by law enforcement, you have already been through somewhat of an ordeal and now you’ll need to decide how you will move forward. You may be confused about the penalties you are facing so let’s go over the types of DUI offenses in Mississippi DUI’s.

A First Time DUI Charge In Mississippi

Should this be your first DUI in Mississippi, you may be looking at:

  • Up to two days of jail time
  • Up to one thousand dollars in fines
  • Possible loss of your license for 90 days

2nd DUI Charge In Mississippi

Let’s face it, a second DUI charge is serious. If you’re facing a 2nd DUI Charge within a five year period of the first DUI charge in Mississippi, you could be faced with:

  • Up to a 1-year jail sentence
  • Up to one thousand, five hundred dollars in fines and penalties
  • Loss of your license for up to two year
  • The mandatory requirement for the installation of an interlock device on your car

3rd DUI Charge In Mississippi

As we get to a third DUI charge, it should be understood at this juncture that these charges are very serious. If you are facing a third DUI charge, it is vital that you speak to an experienced Mississippi DUI Defense Attorney. You could be facing:

  • Up to five years in jail with the possibility of a state prison sentence
  • Up to five thousand dollars in fines and penalties
  • Loss of your license for five years to a license suspension
  • The requirement of an ignition interlock device on your car

Possibilities of additional penalties

Regardless of a first or consecutive DUI charge, you may have to deal with additional penalties. You may have to participate in mandatory counseling for Drugs or Alcohol and of course, you will have a permanent stain of a criminal record. Whether it’s your first or your third DUI charge, you also face other penalties.

Get Help With Your Mississippi DUI Charges Today

Attorney J. Brian Kelley will aggressively defend you against any DUI Charges that you face. With his extensive knowledge and experience with the local courts, Attorney Kelley will fight to help get you the best possible outcome. Call today for a consultation to learn more about your rights at (662) 324-3476.


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