What Happens If You’re Arrested For A DUI In Starkville?

If you’re arrested for a DUI, you may have to spend time in jail. This can be a frightening experience, especially if you’ve never been incarcerated before. Here’s what you can expect regarding jail time for a Mississippi DUI and how to get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

First Offense DUI

For a first offense DUI, you may be required to spend up to 48 hours in jail. Even if you have the money to post a bond or hire a bail bondsman, it still takes time to get booked and to have your first hearing to set your bail. If you’re arrested for drunk driving, plan to spend a couple of nights in police custody at least.

Second Offense DUI

Mississippi has mandatory minimum sentencing, meaning that regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, you will be sentenced to at least a minimum amount of jail time. For a second offense DUI, the least amount of time you will be incarcerated is five (5) days.

However, there are also maximum penalties. A judge may not order you to spend more than one (1) year in jail if you have been arrested for a second offense DUI. Mississippi has a five (5) year lookback period, meaning that subsequent offenses are counted only within this five-year period. Once five years have passed, another DUI arrest would be legally treated as your first one.

Third and Subsequent DUI Offenses

For a third and subsequent DUI convictions within the five-year lookback period, the minimum mandatory sentence is one (1) year in jail. A judge may not order you to spend more than five (5) years in jail.

What Happens to You in Jail?

When you arrive in jail, you’ll usually be stripped and searched in front of an officer of the same gender, made to shower, and will be issued one set of clothing, one or two blankets or sheets, and a mattress. While in jail, you’ll need money to make phone calls to anyone other than your attorney and to purchase commissary items. Some basic items are not provided and will need to be purchased if you want them.

Call an Experienced DUI Lawyer for Legal Advocacy Right Away

Spending any time in jail is an uncomfortable experience. If you’ve been arrested, you need legal representation right away. Contact Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer J. Brian Kelley today for a consultation by dialing (662) 324-3476.


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