If you are caught drinking and driving, police officers must ensure they follow certain guidelines when they make an arrest. If not, your case could be dismissed. Here are the steps to a lawful DUI arrest in Mississippi and how to get legal help from an experienced DUI defense lawyer. 

The Officer Should Tell You Why You’re Being Arrested 

When the officer informs you that you’re under arrest, they should inform you of why you are being taken into police custody. This includes naming the law or statute that you broke and what specific action you took that resulted in the violation of said law or statute. If you are not fully informed of the reason you are being detained, this is arguably not a legal arrest. 

The Officer Should Read You Your Rights 

At the time of your arrest, a police officer should let you know what your rights are. They should tell you about your right to remain silent, your right to avoid incriminating yourself, and your right to obtain legal advocacy after your arrest. These are often referred to as Miranda rights and must be read to anyone and everyone who is detained by law enforcement in your city. 

You Should Be Allowed to Contact a Lawyer 

After you’ve been formally booked and processed, you should be allowed to call home and/or to contact an attorney. In the United States, you are afforded a public defender if you are arrested for a crime and fall below a certain income level. However, many people who are arrested choose to hire a private attorney to handle their case. More often than not, private criminal defense lawyers are able to get better results than public defenders, who may be3 new or inexperienced attorneys. 

Contact a Mississippi DUI Attorney Today 

Going through the process of getting arrested for drunk driving is frightening, time-consuming, and often expensive. Your future is on the line and how you respond after your arrest makes a significant impact on how much impact the arrest has on your work, your relationships, and your reputation. 

Mississippi criminal defense attorney J Brian Kelley can provide you with comprehensive legal representation to protect your rights after a drunk driving arrest. Don’t hesitate to obtain strong legal support, even if the penalties you face aren’t severe. Call now to book a consultation by dialing (662) 324-3476.


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