Starkville Drug Charge Defense Attorney

In Mississippi, drug crimes are taken very seriously. Not only are they harshly punished, in most circumstances, a criminal record that includes drug charges cannot be expunged. Drug charges will turn your life upside down in an instant, and will negatively affect your future for many years to come. In order to protect your rights under the law after being arrested for a drug crime, it’s critical that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Drug Possession

In Mississippi, marijuana has not been decriminalized and being convicted for the possession of less than 30 grams of the substance results in a $250 fine for a first offense, a $250 fine plus jail time of 60 days for a second offense, and a $500 fine plus jail time of up to 6 months for a third offense. Possession of Schedule I and II drugs in any amount is a felony, as is possession of over 50 grams of a Schedule III or IV drug. Possession of under 50 grams of a Schedule III or IV drug can result in a $1,000 fine and up to 1 year in jail.

Drug Manufacture, Sale, or Possession With Intent to Distribute

Under the law, the manufacture, sale, or possession with the intent to distribute of any Schedule I-IV drug, including precursors to manufacture methamphetamine, is a considered a felony. The lowest fine imposed on an individual found guilty of manufacturing, selling, or possessing with intent to distribute is $1,000, with the highest fine being up to $1,000,000, depending on the drug and circumstances surrounding the crime. The least severe incarceration sentence is 3 years, but can be as many as 30 years, again depending on the drug and the circumstances.

When to Contact an Experienced Drug Crimes Attorney

There’s no doubt that your future is in jeopardy if you are arrested for a drug crime in the state of Mississippi. It is critical that you protect your rights by consulting with a lawyer immediately upon your arrest. Attorney J. Brian Kelley is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer and fully understands the state’s drug laws and the criminal system. He is able to work with you to build a solid defense, and will zealously advocate for your rights at every turn.
Contact Attorney Kelley today for a consultation to learn more about how strong legal representation can help you face the charges levied upon you with confidence. Call now at (662) 324-3476.


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